Stefan Krzyżanowski
CEO, Sound Designer


FDR Studio is a place for those who want to create original film, commercial and television productions. So, if you are looking for high quality post production services of image and sound, spacious and equipped with the latest technology interiors and a team of unconventional people with many years of experience, you have come to the right place.

We are able to understand even the most unconventional scenario and give it meaning in a unique and innovative way. At our studio, our clients realize their boldest vision, and our team of talented, ambitious and openminded specialists will navigate you with pleasure through each stage of the project.

Providing high quality services is as important to us as providing the highest level of customer service – that’s why at FDR Studio we care about the comfort of working with us – our clients can always count on a comfortable armchair, delicious coffee and parking spaces:)

We're here for you!

Agnieszka Kolodziejczyk
Head of Production

Piotr Franczak

Jolanta Matych

Olga Pawińska
Office Manager

Patryk Jurowski
VFX Supervisor

Rafał Dąbrowski
DI/VFX, compositing

Bahel Vitaly
3D, VFX, compositing

Joanna Długosz
3D, VFX, compositing

Wojciech Rypina
Sound Supervisor

Grzegorz Maciąg
Sound Engineer

Ignacy Żak
Sound Engineer

Magda Więsław
Sound Engineer

Jacek Mazur
3D, VFX, compositing

Andrzej Jobczyk
2D, compositing

Jerzy Tabor
2D, compositing

Adrian Waszek
Concept Artist